Rise Of The Silver Dudes #1

Rise Of The Silver Dudes #1

The Silver Dudes are coming! (part #1) They are performing in every major intersection in Bandung asking for donation to…


Gong Hey Fat Choy 2013

Gong Hey Fat Choy. Happy year of the snake. Wishing you to be prosperous in the coming year

The material is 3mm transparent acrylic sheet.

Ambigram Necklaces

The end product is not that good as I expected. Mostly because it was cut using hand saws and chisel…

Bella, an Ambigram Tattoo

Bella, an Ambigram Tattoo

A commission work from my cousin, Bethany. Bella is her sister’s name, and she wanted to permanently tattooed Bella’s name…


Ambigrams #2

My second set of Ambigrams that I designed for various clients.

Racer-X — A bike from Hajarbroxx Motorcycles


Racer-X, a modified 90′s Honda GL125 designed by Hajarbroxx Motorcycles. The Crew Principal Photographer: Krishna Kastubi Contributing/Backup Photographer: Dika Anindyajati…